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Biography of laureate

Professor Dr. Mary-Claire King, Ph.D.
2018 in Medicine

Professor Dr.Mary-Claire King, Ph.D. discovered a gene causing breast cancer, the most common cancer among women. Each year, there are over 2 million new cases of breast cancer resulting in 200,000 deaths.

In 1991, Prof. King found a gene called BRCA1 in which its mutation leads
to breast cancer. Therefore, it was demonstrated for the first time that the diseases can be inherited. The genetic testing can help screen people at risk of breast cancer in order to rapidly diagnose, monitor or effectively treat it at its early stages. Later, more breast cancer-related genes, e.g. BRCA2, were identified and Prof. King was often involved in those findings. However, mutations in BRCA1 remains the most common cause of breast cancer among patients. Prof. King also worked with researchers at the University of Washington to develop an affordable genetic test for breast cancer so that more people can have access to screening.

Contact Information
Professor Dr. Mary-Claire King, Ph.D.
University of Washington Health Sciences Building, K-160 Seattle, WA 98195-7720
Phone: (206) 616-4294
Fax: (206) 161-4295
email: mcking[at]u.washington.edu

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