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Biography of laureate

Professor Stanley G Schultz, MD
2006 in Medicine

Professor Stanley G. Schultz, MD. is the former Dean of the University of Texas Medical School at Houston in Texas, USA. He is now Professor of the Department of Integrative Biology Pharmacology, University of Texas Madical School at Houston, Taxas, U.S.A.
In the 1960s, Dr. Schultz and his team demonstrated that glucose and sodium absorption in the small intestine was intimately coupled, and glucose could facilitate the absorption of sodium and water. This pioneering work provided the scientific foundation for the use of the oral rehydration solution consisting of salt, sugar and water in the treatment of dehydration in diarrhea patients. Since the early 1970s, the ORT has continuously benefited the lives of millions of children each year all over the world. Dr. Schultz is also known to be a great teacher, receiving several teaching awards including Teacher of the Year award from the American Physiological Society.

Contact Information
ProfessorStanley G Schultz, MD
University of Texas Medical School at Houston, 6431 Fannis JJL 410, Houston, TX, USA 77030
Phone: 713-500-5012
Fax: 713-500-0602
email: stanley.G.Schultz[at]uth.tmc.edu

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