Reving the 49 years old event dated back to August 19, 1945 when His Majesty the King, already accessed to the throne, was returning to Switzerland to further his study. On his way to the airport while the royal vehicle was passing rows of people patiently waiting to see him off. Desperately and confusedly in the gloomy country's situation, a shout cried loudly "His Majesty the King, please do not abandon us" From the day of the historic moment up to today is drawing nearly 50 years of His Majesty the King's Aceccssion to the Throne, undoubtedly proving his continued hard working contributions to the development of the country and the happy life of Thai people. Such a dedication of King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the best answer toward the then request of a Thai people "Please do not abadon us", right with His Majesty the King's response which has long committed in his mind, "People, if you do not abadon me, I will never ever leave you."
While away from the country for studying, His Majesty the King was always at heart, his prime concern about the living of his people, which was reciprocally shared by the Thai people.
To keep close with his people, King Bhumibol Adulyadej picked up the media like newspaper to regularly convey his message to his Thai people. His Majesty the King's emphasis on the importance of communication technology came into effect since the OR SOR Radio Station was founded when the government through the Public Relations Department provided 2 units of 100 watt, small sized radio broadcast, both long wave and short wave for establishment. King Bhumibol Adulyadej has ever since utilized the radio channel to service the Thai people throughout the country, expecially to help victims of natural disaster.
In 1952 when the Polio epidemic hit the country. The patients needed the imported Iron Lung to help breathe. After recovery, they became crippled and needed special medical treatment which was costly. To cope with this prevailing situation, His Majesty the King provided nursing home and made full use of the OR SOR Radio Station from which a public donation was fruitfully made.
In 1958 and 1961, the massive spread of diarrhea in the kingdom caused a severe shortage of vaccines, medical equipments etc. His Majesty the King, once again, vocied his concern through the OR SOR Radio Station from which a public donation was fruitfully made.
The most devastated storm in the southern Talumpuk Cape in 1962 brought a great lost in human lives, schools, and houses in the most area of tens of ten provinces.
The OR SOR Radio Station played an important role to accommodate a donation from public. People themselves walked into the Chitralada villa, Dusit Palace bringing food clothes and necessary equipments for donation.
His Majesty the King's duty is enormous, including countless unpublicized tasks. He has employed variety of tools, equipments and facilities to do relief work for people, one of which is communication through the radio station. His Majesty the King has initiated the usage of communication technology for a long time to develop the country and the people. At Thai people's hearts, there can be no doubt that King Bhumibol Adulyadej has, to the greatest extent, relieved the nation's pain.