Dredging canals and removing weeds in Bangkok and its environs.

The Kaem Ling Project in the Lower Tha Chin River.

The Kaem Ling Project in the Mahachai-Sanamchai canals.

HM the King observed that most monkeys, when they have obtained bananas, will store them in their mouths. They will do this for a hole bunch of bananas or until their cheeks are filled up. Only then they will start to chew and swallow the bananas.

His Majesty has modelled the technique for water detention on the way monkeys eat. His Majesty has asked the Royal Irrigation Department to construct large water detention reservoirs in a ten square kilometre area near the coast, in order to store water from natural water courses and newly-dug canals. New water gates are also to be constructed to release water into the sea during low-tides, while the gates will be closed during high-tides to prevent seas water from flooding the reservoirs and the area.

The full implementation of the Kaem Ling Project needs careful study and planning which takes time, therefore this cannot be achieved in the preliminary stage. However, certain stages of the project can be carried out to alleviate flood problems in the short run.

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