Education : Schools have been established for hilltribe people and lowlanders in remote areas where 
necessity has arisen.  The work is undertaken in close co-operation with the Border Patrol Police and local schools 
teaching primary educationMedical Services : Teams of physicians and nurses from Chiang Mai University Hospital make periodic 
visits and attend to those in need of medical card, health and nutrition advice.  family planning, etc.  Patients 
requiring special treatment are sent to hospitals in nearby towns.Self-Help Organizations : The hilltribe people in the project areas are motivated to form SHOs for their own 
future, particularly rice banks, productin groups, village committees and co- operatives.

A rice bank has been set up in each of several hilltribe villages in the Royal Project areas, from which rice 
may be borrowed for immediate consumption while the people are awaiting their own harvest.  At the end of the 
season borrowers replace the amounts of rice they have previously taken.Small - scale canning plants: Three small - scale canning plants have been set up in Chiang Mai and 
Chiang Rai to process agricultural products from hilltribe people and lowlanders in the area.Marketing : This has become one of the most significant of the Royal Project's activities.  An example of 
this is the assembly of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers at a central point, where they are attractively packaged 
and then transported in refrigerated trucks for sale to major retail outlets

, supermarkets and hotels.  For these 
contemporary packaging, transportation, and marketing services, the Royal Project charges 20% of the proceeds to 
cover costs.  The balance of the proceeds is distributed the hilltribe and low - land producers within fifteen days of 
delivery.  All Royal Project products are marketed under the brand name Doi Kham, Which in Northern dialect means 
Golden Mountain.Aside from the satisfactions of serving the need of the hilltribe people and adjacent lowlanders, of 
stemming slash - and - burn activities, of reducing drug addiction, of stabilizing the hilltribers wandering, all of which 
serve the needs of the Thai nation - the Royal Project in 1988
 had the great satisfaction of seeing its efforts 
recognized and honored in being awarded the prestigious Magsaysay Award in the category of International 
Understanding.Today, with the help of the Royal Projects, the 'golden mountains' face the future with renesed vigor and 


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