species of forest trees.
Various fields of research have been conducted at six experimental stations in the hilly areas of Chiang Mai 
at Ang Khang, Pang Da, Mae Lod, Inthanon, Doi Pui (under directorship of Kasetsart University) and Khun Wang 
(under directorship of the Department of  Agriculture).
	Crops on cultural trial include: temperate fruits, vegetables, cut flowers (gladiolus, chrysanthemum, 
carnation, lily etc.), ferns, coffee, tea, shiitake mushrooms, strawberries, passion fruit guava, herbs, potatoes, 
legumes, cereals, dired flowers. and fast growing
Technology has been introduced for the minimum use of synthetic chemicals  to control plant diseases and 
insects, for soil conservation and for seed multiplication. Livertock has been introduced : swine, sheep, ducks, and 
chickens and bees.


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